About us

Maid in Kenilworth is the new business belonging to the Shanks sisters.

Daughters of Vikie Shanks, the author, the sisters have done incredibly well to create a successful business in spite of their various issues with autism and dyslexia. All the sisters are fantastic with children and animals, and have a fun and positive nature.

So who are the Shanks sisters in Maid in Kenilworth?



Jamie-Jodie Shanks from Maid in Kenilworth

Jamie-Jodie Shanks

Eldest of the seven children, Jamie is hard-working and determined, and is a natural leader. As the eldest she’s very experienced with children and enjoys nurturing and encouraging children of all ages.

Jamie’s strengths are her sheer determination to do a good job, resilience and bubbly personality. She enjoys dog walking, childminding, and is also an excellent cook.

If you need your life to be organised, Jamie is your girl!



Kacie-Kimie Shanks from Maid in Kenilworth

Kacie-Kimie Shanks

Cool, calm and collected, second daughter Kacie is a thinker and planner. Creative and organised, she’s also a fashion designer, and experienced bolognese chef.

Kacie is a fantastic and reliable Nanny, who loves children and has a natural ability to enlighten children with fun learning while she cares for them.

With exceptional creative skills she’s always keen to help children with ‘making and doing’ projects.




Lorie-Lanie Shanks from Maid in Kenilworth

Lorie-Lanie Shanks

Having worked at Butlins as a Red Coat, Lorie is a keen actress singer and dancer like her siblings.

Confident and highly motivated with a systematic brain, Lorie can get a lot done in a short space of time.

With a babysitting qualification and a naturally happy demeanour, Lorie is the perfect person to look after your children – especially if they enjoy playing drama games and having lots of fun.



Mirie-Marie Shanks from Maid in Kenilworth

Mirie-Marie Shanks

Organised, driven, and enthusiastic, Mirie is a gentle and kind person and loves singing and music, as well as painting and drawing. She’s also a great curry chef.

Mirie is available during to work on anything involving helping, and loves spending time with children and animals.

She’s very considerate, tidy and personable, as well as being creative and great fun to be around.

Mirie is fantastic with younger children but is happy to look after all age groups.



Nikita-Nina Shanks from Maid in Kenilworth

Nikita-Nina Shanks

Perfectionist Nikita is committed, compassionate, and responsible. Polite and honest, Nikita does every job to the best of her ability.

Nikita is studying performing arts at college, and loves theatre, plays and music. She also enjoys photography, cycling, and performing arts, and is a sporting medallist.

She’s brilliant at babysitting as well as organising, and is a valuable asset to any household.

Nikita is brilliant at explaining her autism to children, so is well suited to caring for children with ASD or cross over conditions.