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Housekeeping in Kenilworth

We pride ourselves in giving our best service to everyone. We think if a job’s worth doing then it’s worth doing properly. We really do love what we do and our happy clients are proof of that!

Every now and then our lovely customers tell us what they think of Maid in Kenilworth; we just can’t help but share their feedback on our website.

Once upon a time, these clever people had less time and more to do. But one day they picked up the phone, or typed out an email, and hired Maid in Kenilworth to make their lives that little bit easier.

Why don’t you stop doing everything yourself and start doing something for yourself.

Try us out. After all… the proof is in the pudding, isn’t it?


What people said about Maid in Kenilworth…


Baby sitting
Kacie is an amazing nanny, kind, flexible and very diligent. Her enthusiasm and sense of fun are infectious and children of all ages adore her. I can work, clean and relax, knowing that my baby (now toddler) feels safe and secure. She makes everything a learning experience and his development has been fantastic under her care.
Holly Swinton - Kenilworth - United Kingdom
Dog walking
"I've hired Maid In Kenilworth on a number of occasions and they've been polite, helpful and hard-working. They've helped me clear out cupboards and wardrobes to a high standard, and Mirie does regular dog walking. I have every confidence in the girls and would highly recommend using them to free up your time."
Jo Ciriani - Warwick - United Kingdom
Housework in Warwickshire
"Hi Lorie, Thank you for doing a fab job today! So glad we have chosen 'Maid in Kenilworth'! Nicky Jessop."
Nicky Jessop - Balsall Common - United Kingdom
Cleaning in Warwickshire
Highly recommend Maid in Kenilworth. So lovely to come home on a Tuesday to a clean house!
Jennifer Stockbridge - Kenilworth - United Kingdom
Tidying in Leamington Spa
Thank you so much for helping me today. You did a great job and I am so pleased; I would definitely like you to help again. I have asked Lorie about next week. My house will be so clean for the summer, woo woo!
Pam C - Leamington Spa - United Kingdom
Childminding son with ASD
Since Jamie started with us a few months ago she has built up a real rapport and special bond with both my children (daughter is 10 and son is nearly 9) which is very warming to see. She clearly has a vested interest in helping them embrace their individuality and nurture their true passions in life. She is uplifting and a real positive influence in helping my children make the right choices and is also helping us instil good values to help shape and nurture them for their future. She is very firm and fair stating clear boundaries, as well as remembering to have great fun with them at the same time which is teaching them that there is a balance that has to be struck in life and helping them to start take responsibilities for themselves. She supports and encourages all homework to be completed wherever possible which is great as quality time when you get in from work is better as a result. They’ve had great fun days out during the half term breaks as well. My son also has additional needs in terms of ADHD and Asperger’s and we’ve been very welcome of having someone else who is experienced like Jamie in dealing with some of the outbursts and we’ve developed a really good understanding between us as to the best approach to take. It’s great to have someone to bounce ideas off in terms of how to manage certain situations and what ideas to try which is what you need when you are on your toes all the time and what approach works one day does not necessarily work the next!
Client - Leamington Spa - United Kingdom